History of Idaho Tower Construction Company

Since 2001, Idaho Tower Construction Company, LLC (ITCC) has provided construction, installation and infrastructure development for a more connected world. 

A full-service, turn-key communications construction company, ITCC is widely considered one of the leading construction companies and preferred contractors for antenna, line and microwave installations on raw-land and existing sites. The company provides services to large enterprises, government agencies, and smaller corporate and private sector companies. We have built numerous sites throughout Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Nevada and most recently, Arizona and New Mexico.

About the Owners

Idaho Tower Construction Company is owned and operated by Kurt Funkhouser and Rusty Wallace who have over 30-years experience in communication, construction and management. Starting as basic tower hands, both have extensive hands-on experience in all project components including foundation excavation and construction, steel erection, antenna and line work, radio and shelter work, and grounding. Together, Kurt and Rusty have built over 300 raw-land sites, and have installed components on numerous existing sites.